Discovering the outdoors in Sweden

Holidays in Sweden in unspoilt nature

Nestled in the forests of Sweden, this family camping site is a unique place for a vacation with children. With a spectacular view of the Råda lake, the camping site offers a unique selection of children's activities. Explore the vast forests with numerous lakes, rivers, and mountains in Värmland. An area where you can completely relax in nature, but also go on an adventure!

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Experience outdoor adventures

Canoe trips, climbing, hiking, GPS hiking, archery and much more... Rådastrands Camping is the holiday destination for young and old to go on an adventure. Into the woods, on the water or climbing the hills. In Sweden it's all possible!

Outdoor activities


An unforgettable holiday in Sweden with an overnight stay in nature

In Sweden, the possibilities are endless for an unforgettable holiday. Whether you want to kayak on a lake in the summer or hike in a magical winter wonderland in the winter, everything is possible here.

Also at Rådastrands Camping, the possibilities are endless for a comfortable overnight stay. Stay on a spacious camping pitch or rent a safari tent, tunnel tent, Swedish stuga or holiday home.

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Get to know Sweden's unspoilt and challenging nature during one of our holiday packages.

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Värmland is the holiday destination for true adventurers and nature lovers. Explore the breathtaking nature from the water or from land.

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