Total length: 27 km (2 to 3 days)


This tour takes you across several lakes and rivers of beautiful Värmland. You start on the Knon. An elongated lake with several islands where you can stay overnight.

The 3-day trip includes two days on the Knon. At the end of the lake follows a land passage through the small town of Gustafors. This land passage of about 2 kilometers uses a gravel road and a paved road.

Even in high season there is hardly any motorized traffic here. The second part of the trip takes you across several rivers and lakes to the town of Geijersholm.

In this part there is a short land passage of about 100 meters to pass a weir. This tour is especially suitable for beginners and families, but the more experienced canoeist can also enjoy this tour.


Duration: 2 or 3 days (1 or 2 nights)


  • Knoande Geijersholm 2 days 25 KM
  • Knoande Geijersholm 3 days 38 KM

Landings : 2 landings of 100 meters and 2 kilometers.

Route: Easy

Departure: Daily


From 13 years

Child under 13 years

2 days (Knoande - Geijersholm)

SEK 610

SEK 310

3 days (Knoande - Geijersholm)

SEK 790

SEK 400


Canoe, paddles, canoe trailer, life jackets, waterproof barrel, rope, folding spade, sponge, garbage bags, comprehensive trip description with route map.


Camping equipment and unplanned/extra transportation

To be booked separately

Tangria stove including pans and fuel

SEK 30 per day

Trekking tent (2/3 persons)

SEK 70 per day

Sleeping mats

SEK 30 per day

Due to land transport, it is wise to pack your luggage in backpacks as much as possible.

For information or booking this canoe trip, please use the request form canoe trip