Let’s introduce ourselves

We are Tobias Moes and Mirthe Fokker and since 1 October 2016, we are the lucky owners of Rådastrand campsite. We are Tobias Moes and Mirthe Fokker and have taken over from the Van der Werf family on 1 October 2016. We have both completed the course Outdoor & Adventure at Helicon College in Velp, the Netherlands. Besides running the campsite, we will also be overseeing the outdoor activities, for both (school) groups and families that will be staying at our campsite in the summer. 

As a child I (Tobias) went to Scandinavia quite often and Mirthe fell in love with Sweden after just one holiday. There is still plenty of space here and there are also possibilities to make our dreams come true. With support from our parents in the Netherlands, we hope to make this campsite a success and we also hope to welcome you at Rådastrand Campsite.

Tobias Moes and Mirthe Fokker