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Travel information

Below this is a description of the various possibilities to find your way to our campsite in Sweden. The campsite is located on riksväg 62, approximately 80km above Karlstad and 9km from Hagfors. There are various route planners that can help you as well. 

Via the “long” ferry Kiel (De) – Göthenborg (S)

This is the most relaxing toute because you stay the night on the boat. From Hamburg to  Kiel is approximately 100km and from Götenborg to Radastands Camping is 345km. If it is your plan to spend the night on the boat your expences are the same with other routes (or even cheaper outside of the high season). 


Short ferries 

Via the “short” ferries Puttgarden (De) -Rödby (Dk) and Helsingör (Dk)-Helsingborg (S). During the crossing of about an hour you can rest or eat something on board.

via Scandlines

Via the ferry Grenå (Dk) to Varberg (S)
Via the ferry Fredrikshaven (Dk) to Götenborg (S)

via Stenaline

Via the bridges in Denmark
Storebaelt and the bridge between Kopenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö. The last bridge can also be an alternative for the crossing with the boat from Helsingör-Helssingborg (the prices are the same). This route (Hamburg-Flensburg-Kolding-Odense-Kopenhagen-Malmö) is often chosen if people also want to visit Legoland in Denmark. Because you drive more kilometers the costs are the same as with the short ferries. For overnight stays, fuel and food it is more expensive in Denmark than it is in Sweden.

In Sweden the bus is a fine means of transport and relitavely cheap.The busstop lays directly before Rådastrands Camping on riksväg 62.



There are a few different lift centers, among other things Eurostop.