Dogs are allowed on the campsite!

Taking your dog with you on vacation

Dogs (Max 1, unless it is discussed beforehand) are allowed on our campsite, but there are a few rules you have to keep in mind:

  • In our rental accomodations dogs are only allowed if it is discussed beforehand. (20 SEK per dog per day).
  • Dogs have to be kept on a leash, on and off of the campsite ( with regards to wildlife)
  • Dogs have to be walked off of the campsite.
  • If the dog has an 'accident' on the campsite, we expect you to clean in up yourself. 
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach. If you do want to take your dog swimming, the ladies at the reception can advise you places where you can go to.

Please take into account the conditions to take your dog(s) to Sweden. Below is a brief overview of the conditions. 

  • The dog must be registered ( EU passport).
  • The dog must wear a cleary legible tattoo or microship.
  • The dog must be vaccinated against rabies before departure by a licensed veterinarian with an internationally recognized vaccine.
  • The dog must be registered with customs (provide original documents)