Who are we?

We wish you a warm welcome!

On holiday and yet familiar! Radastrands Camping is a campsite in Sweden with Dutch owners. We took the campsite over on the first of october 2016 and we are ready to give you a wonderful and uforgettable holiday. Quality, service and ofcourse a lot of holiday fun are of paramount importance to us.

When Tobias was a child he traveled to Sweden a lot, together with his parents (Herry and Marjan). Together with Herry, Tobias dreamed of a campsite of his own in the woods of Sweden. Tobias went to school to learn to be a outdoor instructor and he takes care of the guiding and coordination of the different outdoor activities. 

Herry en Marjan both have a history in healthcare and in business. They will make sure that you have a nice stay in Sweden.

We hope that we can make sure that you have an amazing stay in Sweden, and that you will love it as much as we do!